Madame Svea is not the kind of slave you mess with and get away with it. She is the kind that will revenge and she will make sure it is a dish served cold. She did not like how this loser lied to her so the next time they met, she used her boots to trample him and she also made him lick the dirty soles of her boots before she let him go.

Madame Marissa does not like lazy slaves and this one was. He had to be taught to be hardworking so the mistress slapped him and then forced him to lick her feet as well as her shoes. She told him never to be lazy again and if he was, she would trample him and stomp on him crushing all his bones so that he can be lazy with a reason.

Princess Roxy was enjoying herself watching a movie. But this loser thought she was bored and he wanted to have a threesome with her and another girl. She was pissed and had to punish him. She went on watching her movie as she trampled him with her smelly feet and humiliated him. He was shocked and tried to beg for forgiveness but the mistress did not listen to him. He had to learn a lesson.

Lady Karame wanted to show this loser that she was not one to mess with. She stripped him naked and she made him lick her feet which were smelly. She also invited her friend to do the same to the slave and he had no choice but to do as the mistresses wanted and they instructed. The loser was degraded and humiliated but he learned his lesson the hard way.

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