When mistress Hailey came home and she found her slave had not cleaned the house like she had instructed him in the morning, she asked him what he had been doing and he found out he had been watching tv all day. She did not say a word. She just humiliated him as punishment. She made him lick her feet and she choked him with her feet and her shoes as punishment.

Mistress Carmina and mistress Mikaila caught this guy bullying others in their neighborhood and they could not sit back and watch their neighborhood become a haven for bullies. They lured him to their house and they degraded him using their feet. He was forced to lick their feet as well as their socks. They told him that was the easiest punishment he would ever get. But it would become worse if he did not stop bullying.

These mistresses love to try all kinds of things with their feet. They had however never had their dirty feet licked and they wondered how they had never tried it. They went outside and they walked barefoot and got their feet dirty. Then they went into the house and sat on the sofa and waited for their slave to lick their feet. The slave did not argue. He just got down to business.

Princess Serena likes attention. When her slave did not give it to her, she knew she had to do something to him so that he would always give it to her. She used smelly socks to humiliate him and tell him to always give her his attention. The humiliated loser had no choice but to do as the mistress told her to do. He always gave her his attention to avoid further punishment.

Madame Marissa wanted her socks to be smelled and she made sure they were. She summoned her slave and she forced him to do it. There were no two ways about it. He had to also lick and smell her feet which he did as he did not want to piss her off further. She laughed as he did what she ordered him to do and felt pity for him although she did not stop.

Mistress Bruh has a multipurpose slave. She is one of the few mistresses with such kind of a slave. Her slave does all duties for her as a slave should. But because he has a big dick, she sometimes uses him to satisfy herself when she is horny and she is in need of a good pounding. Today she just wanted to torture him so she inserted her sneaker and her foot into his mouth to choke him for fun.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend mistress Alektra saw a video of a footboy on the internet and they wanted to have their own. They took this loser and they forced him to do all they wanted. They had him lick the soles of their feet and they trampled him a little. They sat back and relaxed as he tried his best to please them. They let him go when he was totally tired.

Madame Svea had stayed with her slave for a few months but she had never punished him. Today was the day she got to do it and she did it as cruelly as she could manage to. She knew her soles were dirty and she used them to humiliate him. She got him to lick the soles of her dirty sneakers and she told him it was punishment for what he had done. It was time he learned of the consequences of his actions.

Lady Stefany and her friend were having a lazy Christmas. They did not want it to get too boring so the mistresses brought a slave to their house and they humiliated him as they smoked. They made him lick their feet and they used him as their human ashtray before they got him to lick as well as smell their asses. He had no choice but to do as he was told.

Mistress Gaia nearly fucked this guy. But she realized before she did that he had a small dick and she got pissed because she knew he could not satisfy her. She still wanted to have a good time so she had it at his expense. She humiliated him by trampling his dick and also making him lick the soles of her dirty boots. He was helpless and could not do anything about it.

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