Mistress Suzy wanted to break up with her man because he was a lazy son of a bitch. She had tried to make him change but he did not. She had to cut her losses and get him out of her life. She did so by crushing his face with her dirty and smelly feet. She choked him for fun and she broke up with him in the crudest way possible.

Madame Svea was taking a walk when she realized that this guy was following her. She laid a trap for him and she caught him. She took him to her house nearby and she crushed him with her sneakers. She even had him lick the dirty and smelly sneakers till he nearly got choked. She did not know what his intentions were but she knew that she had to teach the loser a cruel lesson.

Mistress BlackDiamoond likes to torture guys for her own enjoyment. She is not like other mistresses who do it when they are pissed off. She met this guy who was into her and she knew she had found someone to humiliate. So she called her friend and the two mistresses had fun controlling the guy and making him do things like lick their feet as well as their shoes. They even crushed his face with their feet.

Mistress wanted to go out for a party but she had assignments due the following day. She had not done them but she had to go for the party and she had to have them handed in the following day. So she humiliated this nerd by forcing him to lick her shoes and kicking him using her heels. She got him to also lick her bare feet before she got him to do her assignments.

Mistress Gaia's lover wanted to experience hardcore treatment. She had never experienced it before and mistress Gaia was only too happy to do it. She made her lick her shoes as well as her feet to dominate her and then she tied a leash on her neck and then she turned her into a living ashtray as she smoked. She crushed her tits and did crazy things to her. But she enjoyed it and was super turned on.

Mistress Brooke was not happy with the progress that her slave had made. She wanted him to make even faster progress so she made him get used to being punished if he was slow. She started mildly by using her dirty and smelly socks to do it. She got him to lick her socks and she forced him to do all that she felt would be humiliate and he did.

Princess Serena wanted to see what her slave was capable of doing. She did not threaten him because she knew if she threatened him, he would do anything she wanted but it would be out of fear. So she just told him casually to see if he could do it. He licked her boots and especially the soles as she wanted and she was surprised at how obedient he was.

Madame Marissa wanted her feet licked so she forced her slave to do it. She had him lick them even though they were dirty and smelly. She had walked in her flip flops and she made sure they were dirty. She stepped in dirty water and her feet also had dust. He had no choice but to do as she had instructed him. She enjoyed it and even tipped him for a good job done.

It was snowing hard outside and mistress Bruh and mistress Stefany did not want to get out. So they stayed inside where it was warm. They were smoking but soon they became bored and wanted to do something else. So they settled on humiliating their slave as there was nothing else to do in the house. They cruelly made him lick their boots as well as their bare feet. He was even whipped when he did not do it properly. It was fun for them but humiliating for him.

When mistress Hailey came home and she found her slave had not cleaned the house like she had instructed him in the morning, she asked him what he had been doing and he found out he had been watching tv all day. She did not say a word. She just humiliated him as punishment. She made him lick her feet and she choked him with her feet and her shoes as punishment.

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