Mistress Suzzy caught this guy trying to steal from her. He thought no one was home but she was and she caught him. She crushed his face with her bare feet and she choked him by shoving her foot in his mouth. She made him pee his pants and beg for mercy. He promised never to steal from anyone again and she let him go because she believed he had learned his lesson.

Mistress BlackDiamoond does not like stubborn slaves. She has no time arguing with them or repeating things to them all the time. So she resorted to punishing this slave for what he had done. She used her boots to do the punishment. She made him lick the soles and had hims stay in a dog house for a few hours just so he could get cramped up and in pain.

Lady Karame and her friend wanted to try humiliating an elderly guy. They got this guy and set him up for failure. Then they used it as a scapegoat to humiliate him. The mistresses descended on him with canes and whips besides making him lick their sweaty and smelly feet. He could do nothing about it and was in a lot of pain while the mistresses enjoyed themselves at his expense.

Madame Svea does not like dirty shoes. She had worn her shoes without checking them well because she was in a hurry. But when she got back, she realized that they stained her socks a little and she was not happy about it. She had to punish her slave and she did it using her boots as well as her socks. He was made to lick and smell them as punishment.

Madame Marissa was feeling down. She knew that if she humiliated her slave, she would feel better. So she did it. She had her slave lick her feet as well as her boots. She ordered him and told him how she wanted it done. The slave did it and she enjoyed it. She soon forgot what had made her feel down and she let him go as she was now better.

Mistress Sandra has a weak ass husband and she enjoys humiliating him for fun once in a while. She did that today as she came home from work. She sat on the couch and she had him lick her socks, her feet as well as her boots. She was surprised he did it without questioning. Luckily for him, she did not have dirty soles so he licked boots which were pretty much clean.

Princess Serena did not like this guy but he had a mad crush on her. He did all the things she asked him to do and even the crazy ones. She decided to push it a bit and see if he would do it too. So she had him lick the soles of her sneakers as well as her sweaty and smelly socks. She was shocked when he did it happily.

Madame Marissa was not happy with her slave. She had caught him gossiping about her and she was not happy about it. She had to make him stop that habit so she summoned him to where she was and she had him lick her boots as well as her feet. She had him rub her feet and she told him that if he did not change, she would punish him in a worse manner.

Mistress Justine caught this guy being rude to the old couple in their block. She was mad at him for it and she could not let him get away with it. She made sure he learned his lesson. She used her boots to humiliate him. She had him lick them and she also forced him to do it the way she instructed him and threatened to crush and stomp on his face and balls if he did not do it her way.

Princess Serena wanted to train her slave to do the things she wanted him to do. He was not very obedient and he was not a good follower of directions and instructions. So she made him start with her sneakers as well as her socks. They were stinky but she made sure the slave smelled them and that she licked them as well as she instructed him. She also had him suck her toes.

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