Madame Svea used her feet to punish this guy because of what he had done to her. He had made her feet sweaty and smelly and she did not appreciate it. He did not let her shoes and her socks dry well so she cruelly punished him to make sure he would never give her shoes and socks that had not dried well. She made him lick the socks as well as the feet.

Madame Marissa wanted her slave to learn the virtues of being well disciplined. She punished him because of the way he acted and how indisciplined he was. She was pissed when she learned that he lied to her a lot. She had to make sure that her slave would never do it again so she gave him a punishment that befit his status as her slave before she left him go.

Princess Serena confidently asked her slave to do what she wanted. She wanted him to humiliate himself by doing all she wanted. She wanted him to lick her feet which were smelly as well as sweaty. She did not care about what he felt and that was the reason she made sure he was degraded. She threatened to crush him using her high heels if he did not change.

Lady Krasaviza was alone in the house. She had sent her slave to a place but she did not expect him to stay for that long. She knew he should have been back and she waited till he came back and she punished him for it. He had to learn never to be late again whenever she sent him and if he suspected he would be late, he had to tell her in advance.

Mistress Alice and her friends Alex, Teodora and Sibilla like to take advantage of losers. They like to promise them fun and since they are not used to hanging out with hot mistresses, they run and when they come, the mistresses take advantage and humiliate them for fun. That is what they did to this loser today as they made him lick their sweaty and smelly feet before trampling him.

Goddess Chanel crushed food using her sneakers. She then made this loser lick the food from the soles of her sneakers. She also made him eat the food from the floor. She wanted to send a message that it would not be business as usual as he had failed to take her advice into consideration. She degraded him and told him that was the lightest punishment she would ever give him.

This guy thought he was a smooth operator and he wanted to fuck these mistresses. He tried to make them have a threesome with him and he was happy when they went to the mistresses' house. But they did not go to have a threesome, but to punish the guy. The mistresses turned him into a footboy and had fun humiliating him. They degraded him cruelly and forced him to lick their shoes and socks.

Madame Svea caught her slave going through her things. She could not understand why he did it and he had to be punished for it. He was not supposed to do it and he had to respect boundaries. So the mistresses used her sneakers to punish him. She crushed him and tortured him painfully. She made him lick her soles before she felt it was enough punishment for the slave.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend wanted to use their feet to punish this guy for refusing to help them with a task. The mistresses were not amused by it and are not used to being told no. So they humiliated the loser using their high heels and made sure he offered to do the work himself. They warned him against refusing to do what they wanted him to do in future.

Princess Serena did not want to encourage this loser to do what he had done. She was pissed and to make sure he changed, she used her high heels to trample him. She made him lick the high heels and she degraded him as cruelly as she could. He could do nothing about it and had to learn his lesson the hard way. He never did what he had done again.

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