Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend lady Chanel hunted down this loser and they caught him. He had stolen from them and they did not want to let it go like that. He had to be taught a lesson so the mistresses kicked him hard in the face and made him cry like a little girl. He was left in a lot of pain and made to return what he had stolen.

Goddess Chanel used her high heels to instill discipline on this guy. He was badly behaved and she did not like badly behaved slaves. She had to make him straight and that is what she did using her high heels. She had him lick and suck them before she used them to trample him. He also had to lick the soles and he could do nothing about it. He learned to behave well after that.

Mistress Sahna caught her man sexting another woman and she could not let him get away with it. She did not want it to develop into something else so she punished him for it. She made him lick and smell her feet as well as her sneakers. They were stinky and her feet were sweaty but that was his punishment. She told him that if he went on, she would torture him in a more cruel manner.

Madame Marissa could not believe that her slave was lying to her the whole time. She had to do something about it and she did it as cruelly as she could. She forced the guy to lick her feet as well as her stockings. She threatened to crush him using her high heels and that made him do what she wanted him to do. She also told him that she would never tolerate him lying again.

Princess Serena knew this guy was lying to her and wanted to con her. But she pretended to fall for his lies and she fooled him into following her home. When they got to her home, she humiliated him and she degraded him for what he was planning to do. She made him lick her feet after she told him that she knew he was trying to con her. She trampled him using her heels and she had him eat food she had crushed with her high heels.

Lady Kara does not like lazy slaves. This one was and he had to be taught a lesson. She did this cruelly and she had him lick and smell her dirty socks. She also had him lick her feet and her sneakers. She was pissed and she made sure her slave would never be lazy again because he would be punished in a worse manner than what she had done to him.

Goddess Chanel and her friends wanted to test this guy. He was supposed to be entrusted with a huge responsibility and they wanted to know whether he could be trusted with secrets and whether he could withstand humiliation and a little bit of torture. So they used their feet as well as their high heels to test him. He was put in a lot of pain and humiliation but he passed.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend were bored to death and they wanted to have a little fun. After talking about what to do, the mistresses agreed to get a loser and humiliate him for fun. They went out and came back with a guy who thought they wanted to fuck him but who ended up being trampled using high heels and forced to endure lots of cruelty from the mistresses.

This guy was into mistress Nelly but she was not into him. She did not want anything to do with him so when he came to her house, she knew she had to put a stop to it. She did this by forcing the guy to lick her feet, smell her socks and she cruelly humiliated him. He also farted on him as she worked on her laptop. The poor guy was also told to chew her smelly socks.

Princess Serena wanted a raise at work. She had to make more money to buy a house. She wanted to take a mortgage so she teased her boss and she drove him crazy. She teased and denied him and then when she had starved him enough, she gave him a taste of the delicious cookie and he wanted more. She made him give her a raise before he got another taste.

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