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Goddess Kiffa wanted this guy to learn his lesson and he had to do it in a way that he had never felt or experienced. The mistress had him lie down and she crushed him with her bare feet as well as with her sandals. He was supposed to lick both of them and it was not negotiable for him. He got the message by the time she was done.

Lady Scarlet needed to pass a message and she did so using her foot licking fetish. She felt that this girl was not following her instructions and that bothered her. She did not want that to be the case all the time so she had to foot gag the girl and see to it that the punishment got home. By the time she was done with her, she knew that the girl would never do it again.

Mistress Larissa did not care that she was in her colleague's office. Her assistant needed to be punished for what he had done and she did not hesitate to do so. She trampled and forced him to lick her feet as well as the soles of her high heels before she was done with him. She did this while she was talking to her colleague about some work which was to be done.

When this guy was late, he had to be punished for it and these mistresses had to make sure that he would never take things for granted again and repeat what he had done. That is why the mistresses had to make sure that they foot gagged him and that they humiliated him in a way he had never been before. It worked out and he never messed up again.

Goddess Kira loves to get her feet worshipped and that is what she did to the guy. The mistress had to make sure that she dominated as well as degraded the guy for her own fun and entertainment. So the mistress had the guy lick the soles of her boots as well as smell them. It was fun for her but it was not for him although he could not do much about it.

Mistress Tatjana could not believe what this slave did. He was too lazy for her and she could not stomach it anymore. She had tried to be patient with him but her patience was wearing thin and it was time for decisive action. That is why she used the soles of her boots to trample the shit out of him. He had to lick the soles clean because she had threatened to crush his balls with the same boots if he did not do what she wanted.

Mistress Bobby needed to make sure her boyfriend did not think that he could do anything he wanted to her and get away with it. That is why she had to send him a message and she did so today. The mistress used her socks to smother the guy as well as humiliate him for all the nonsense he had done. He was choked a little and humiliated a lot and he got the message and learned the lesson.

With their boots, these mistresses had to make sure that this guy was punished. He was trampled using their boots but according to the mistresses, that was not enough punishment for them and he had to be punished some more. That is how they also had him lick the soles of their boots before the mistresses felt that they had punished him enough and they let him go. He ran away and did not look back.

This guy was married but he wanted to have a threesome with princess Kimberley and her friend mistress Amanda. They felt offended by him especially when they told him they were not into such stuff and he tried to insist. They had to deal with him and they did it in a cruel way. They made sure he was choked by their feet as they foot gagged him and had him also lick their socks.

These mistresses had caught their boyfriends cheating and they were so pissed that they had to punish and humiliate them. They made their men turn into foot slaves and lick the soles of their shoes before they trampled them painfully. The guys tried to beg for mercy but the mistresses were only interested in punishing them, which they did in a painful as well as humiliating manner. The boyfriends never forgot it.

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