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Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend were bored to death and they wanted to have a little fun. After talking about what to do, the mistresses agreed to get a loser and humiliate him for fun. They went out and came back with a guy who thought they wanted to fuck him but who ended up being trampled using high heels and forced to endure lots of cruelty from the mistresses.

This guy was into mistress Nelly but she was not into him. She did not want anything to do with him so when he came to her house, she knew she had to put a stop to it. She did this by forcing the guy to lick her feet, smell her socks and she cruelly humiliated him. He also farted on him as she worked on her laptop. The poor guy was also told to chew her smelly socks.

Lady Kara is the queen of humiliation and torture. She created a competition for mistresses to show case their torture skills. She was going to award the best ones. She started it off by showing them how she does it. She tied her slave and she then had him lick her muddy sneakers and then choked him by inserting her smelly feet in his mouth and going for his throat.

Lady Mira was surprised when she learned her slave was a liar and a thief. She punished him to make him change. She did this by choking him. She used her bare feet and she also punched his nose. She had him lick her feet and she also sat on his head cruelly. The guy was in a lot of pain and he nearly choked but he learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa knows how to make a guy do what she wants. She is a hot mistress and she has mad sex appeal. She likes to use it to make guys want to do things to please her. She had this guy lick her feet as well as smell her socks. She lied to him it was her fetish and he wanted to please her so he sucked even her toes.

Mistress Felicia pretended that she did not like foot fetish and made it seem like she wanted to explore things with this guy. She had fun making him lick her feet and do what she wanted and he was happy to do it for her. She had all the fun and did not reciprocate. She pretended he did not do it the way she wanted and chased him from her house.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend lady Chanel caged this girl because she had spread rumors about them. They did not ask her to denounce them and own up to what she had done. They concentrated on punishing him and they did their best. The mistresses forced him to lick their high heels and left him cramped in that cage before they got him out and trampled him till he begged for mercy.

Madame Marissa wanted her slave to learn the virtues of being well disciplined. She punished him because of the way he acted and how indisciplined he was. She was pissed when she learned that he lied to her a lot. She had to make sure that her slave would never do it again so she gave him a punishment that befit his status as her slave before she left him go.

Princess Serena confidently asked her slave to do what she wanted. She wanted him to humiliate himself by doing all she wanted. She wanted him to lick her feet which were smelly as well as sweaty. She did not care about what he felt and that was the reason she made sure he was degraded. She threatened to crush him using her high heels if he did not change.

Lady Krasaviza was alone in the house. She had sent her slave to a place but she did not expect him to stay for that long. She knew he should have been back and she waited till he came back and she punished him for it. He had to learn never to be late again whenever she sent him and if he suspected he would be late, he had to tell her in advance.

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