All articles tagged with "Humiliation"

Goddess Gabriella wanted her soles licked and this guy had no choice but to comply with her instructions. The mistress did not really have a reason to humiliate him but she did it anyway as she wanted her soles licked. The guy read her mood and he knew it was easier and better to obey her and do what she asked him to do in order to avoid any escalation.

Princess Serena could not believe what she had seen. She had seen her slave smelling her panties and she was pissed. How could he have such audacity? She had to nip that behavior in the bud so she forced him to lick and smell her sneakers. She trampled him with the same sneakers and also her smelly socks before she told him she would do worse things to him if he did not change.

Princess Roxy was enjoying herself watching a movie. But this loser thought she was bored and he wanted to have a threesome with her and another girl. She was pissed and had to punish him. She went on watching her movie as she trampled him with her smelly feet and humiliated him. He was shocked and tried to beg for forgiveness but the mistress did not listen to him. He had to learn a lesson.

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