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Mistress Herrin wanted to wear her boots but her slave had not cleaned them since the last time she had worn them. She felt he was being lazy and as punishment, she wore them and asked him to lick them as she wore them. He did so and he licked them till they were as clean as they should have been in the first place. The slave learned his lesson.

Mistress Gaia's lover wanted to experience hardcore treatment. She had never experienced it before and mistress Gaia was only too happy to do it. She made her lick her shoes as well as her feet to dominate her and then she tied a leash on her neck and then she turned her into a living ashtray as she smoked. She crushed her tits and did crazy things to her. But she enjoyed it and was super turned on.

Mistress Gaia nearly fucked this guy. But she realized before she did that he had a small dick and she got pissed because she knew he could not satisfy her. She still wanted to have a good time so she had it at his expense. She humiliated him by trampling his dick and also making him lick the soles of her dirty boots. He was helpless and could not do anything about it.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend lady Chanel caged this girl because she had spread rumors about them. They did not ask her to denounce them and own up to what she had done. They concentrated on punishing him and they did their best. The mistresses forced him to lick their high heels and left him cramped in that cage before they got him out and trampled him till he begged for mercy.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend wanted to use their feet to punish this guy for refusing to help them with a task. The mistresses were not amused by it and are not used to being told no. So they humiliated the loser using their high heels and made sure he offered to do the work himself. They warned him against refusing to do what they wanted him to do in future.

Princess Serena did not want to encourage this loser to do what he had done. She was pissed and to make sure he changed, she used her high heels to trample him. She made him lick the high heels and she degraded him as cruelly as she could. He could do nothing about it and had to learn his lesson the hard way. He never did what he had done again.

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